Natural Nutrient

All our nutrients are mineral to ensure the natural growth of your plants

Suitable for above-ground cultivation

Their dosage is suitable for above-ground cultivation and optimized for periods of growth and flowering.

Clean formula

Our fertilizers do not contain hazardous substances such as growth hormones

Simplicity of use

It is used by the precise mixture of NuGrow and NuBloom. The dosage is provided by the Homepotager app

Natural Nutrient
Strong growth

The circulation of water allows the plants to be fed at all times. Plants assimilate all the nutritional elements in the water through their roots. All our nutrients are of mineral origin and therefore natural to promote the growth and health of your plants.

Mineral fertilisers.

Natural for plants.

Vegetable plants are very nutrient-intensive crops and consume precisely according to their plant cycle.

To ensure a bountiful and tasty harvest, HomePotager fertilizers provide Azote (N) to promote balanced plant growth, Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) for healthy fruit and vegetable production and Oligo-elements for healthy plants. Our fertilizers ar

Our nutrients are perfectly suited for the production of fruit vegetables (tomato, eggplant, chilli, pepper, cucumber, zucchini, …), aromatic grass (basil, mint, chives, …) and green vegetables (salads, mash, spinach, …)

Our fertilizers contain only the purest minerals as well as bio-activators to ensure plant health, resistance to pathogens and vigorous growth.

Balanced formula.
Simplicity of use.

The HomePotager fertilizer solution comes in two parts (NuGrow and NuBloom) that are used together, but with different and precise proportions depending on the needs and cycle of the plants.


promotes the growth and structural development of the plant, as well as vigorous rooting


promotes flowering and fruiting of the plant for healthy and vigorous production.

The dosage is indicated by the HomePotager app which takes into account the nutritional need of each of your crop throughout the season.