Say Goodbye

to Difficulties

From crop management to plant exchanges with friends, the HomePotager application will change your way of growing plants.

Available for free.

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Potager Connecté

Assisted by a

mobile application

HomePotager is connected to a smartphone application that allows you to receive instructions to water or add nutrients to your plants. Acting as a personal gardener coach, the application will accompany you throughout the life of your plantations. No more yellowing leaves because you’ve been too generous in water. The application will tell you what to pour and alert you when your plantations are too hungry and thirsty.


Get things easy

With application notifications, always have the right action at the right time.

Boost your productivity

Track the growth of your plants and reap the rewards of your efforts. You would be surprised at the result!

Enhance your wellness

Less stress and more pleasure to produce, consume and share your food with your loved ones because life is easier with HomePotager.


The farm tower communicates constantly with the application to give you useful instructions for successful harvests.


Platform to share your harvest and experiences with other HomePotager users.

UI Design

A simple, clean and efficient design to get to the point.

Family experience

With HomePotager, create new experiences with family, friends or colleagues around a fun and sustainable practice.

Real-time information

Using our algorithm, the app lets you know when to add water or nutrients to your plants. Finally, a first vegetable garden that tells you what to do.

Increase your knowledge

A constantly updated plant database.

Increase your knowledge of vegetable culture with each practice.


Are you missing a plant? No problem, the application geolocates the person who owns it and who is ready for a donation, an exchange and more …